Wills & Trusts

Ensure your financial legacy


At Clayton Hulme, we make sure your most valuable assets are protected exactly how you want them to be, whether you’re around or not.

It takes us a lifetime to build our homes and any ‘wealth’ you accumulate and it goes without saying that we want all of our efforts to have been made to benefit those we love, once we pass away.

When someone dies without making a will, their estate and accumulated possessions are left in a condition of intestacy. The legal rules of intestacy state how a deceased person’s estate has to be distributed.

These rules are fixed.  Any monies are divided between a surviving spouse first, then to any surviving relatives, in a specific order alongside a specific percentage amount.

If there are no blood relatives, the crown takes full possession.

By making a will, you ensure your family and loved ones will get exactly what you want them to get.

A will is also a good opportunity to discuss any other wishes you may have.

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    Perhaps you’d like to safeguard the future of your children or grandchildren by appointing guardians for them?

    Maybe you’d like to leave a Grandchild a special gift – a family heirloom or a possession with sentimental value?

    Your will protects your loved ones not only financially but emotionally too.

    Without a will, it’s common for a loved one to feel even more bereft than they do anyway, if there’s confusion over how your wealth is to be distributed, endless forms to complete and not to mention the time it takes to resolve…

    Whether your estate is simple or more complex, we can put you in touch with experts who will guide you through every detail.


    A Trust is a great way to do some sensible financial planning for the long-term benefit of those you love most.

    There are two key reasons, a Trust can make sense for your family:

      1. Faster payments, bypassing the lengthy probate system. By placing your life policies into Trust, your family and loved ones will get any monies owed to them as quickly as possible. We’ve seen widow’s and dependents receive a claim we’ve made on their behalf, within days. At times of immense heartache, this sort of payment provides far more than a financial lifeline. It amounts to comfort, relief and emotional support too.
    1.       2.  Trusts can minimise the amount of inheritance tax your beneficiaries pay. 

    If the total value of your estate including any life policies exceeds £325,000 there may be Inheritance Tax to pay. Placing your policies into a trust can potentially mitigate some of this liability.

    As part of setting up a trust, you will choose two or three Trustees. They will be responsible for considering your wishes and ensuring the proceeds of your life policy go to your chosen beneficiaries.

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