Bricks & Mortar

The place you live with everything you love

Your home-  more than bricks and mortar

Our homes provide more than physical shelter. They have a profound meaning.

They’re the place we feel most comfortable and safe.

Where our lives play out, with everyone and everything we hold dear.

That’s why it’s crucial we protect the place that keeps us safe.

Maybe your home is the place you live and work?

Are you a Landlord who needs cover against accidental damage by a tenant?

We’ve been protecting people’s most valuable assets for over 50 years and can help cover you with:

Buildings Insurance

With your investment into a property running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, it doesn’t make sense to leave your insurance to chance.  If your property was damaged by a fire, flood or storm, it’s the cover, not you, that takes care of the cost of repairs.

You’ll be paid out for any repairs internally & externally (even pipes, fencing and garages) and also covers any necessary rebuilding.

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    Contents Insurance

    It’s wise to consider everything within your home when it comes to contents insurance.

    From soft furnishings to electrical goods. You need to ensure the full value is covered, including the cost to replace them, should they be subject to accidental damage. 

    If you own anything of high value, whether financial or sentimental, make sure it could be replaced if it was lost, damaged or stolen. We advise whether you need specialist high-value insurance for something like a family heirloom or an antique. We’ll also make sure your policy covers you for an adequate replacement of your possessions: whether we need to look for new for old cover or indemnity.

    Landlords Insurance 

    If you rent out a property to paying tenants, typical home insurance won’t cover you for any accidental damage they do to your property. We can build a tailor-made policy to suit your specific needs. 

    We can cover you for a multitude of things, ensuring you’ll never be out of pocket under the unfortunate event of a fire or flood damage.

    We also cover you against any accidental damage your tenant may cause during their tenure. From red wine stains on the sofa to an overflowing bathtub resulting in leaks. You name it, we’ve heard it happen many times before!

    You can even also chose optional extras to cover you in the event of a loss of rent and legal expenses.

    It really does pay to protect your investments.

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