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The ultimate in effective business planning

Protecting our family is our number one priority.

Protecting your business family should come a close second.

Your fellow Directors and Shareholders might well be family members or close friends.

They are also the lifeblood of your business.

We help you understand what the long-term financial implications would be, should your business experience challenging times, like the loss of a key member of the Team.

We begin by listening.

We gain a thorough understanding of the unique nature and set-up of your business.

We ask a lot of questions, so we know you aren’t leaving anything to chance:

Are you a Sole Trader, Limited Company, Partnership or Enterprise?
Do you have Shareholders, Investors or any other key Stakeholders?
Who stands to inherit their shareholding in the business, should any of them pass away?
What could be the implications of this?

Clayton Hulme will help secure the future of your business and it’s extended family.

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    Consultation & Reporting

    We analyse your company’s finances, structure and people assets and review whether the untimely loss of any individual could threaten the immediate future of the business.
    We work with you to identify who your ‘key’ people are.
    Who has specifics skills, contacts, or produces the highest turnover?
    What would happen to your sales, processes or contracts if any of your key people were suddenly incapacitated or passed away?

    We devise highly tailored strategies so that you understand what you need to do at each stage, to protect you, the business owners and Directors, and any other parties involved as you evolve or grow.
    We ensure any new, specific solutions proposed, are fully accounted for from a taxation point of view and meets the terms of your Articles of Association. We will do this by working alongside your accountancy and legal teams if they need amending. We have dedicated teams that we can refer you to in order seek specific tax or legal advice on any such amendments.

    And finally, we can help ensure your business profits and savings are invested wisely. Working alongside our specialist contacts at St James Wealth Management, who provide expert advice to nurture your assets in the best possible way.

    Wills & Trusts

    Wills and Trusts are the wrappers that ensure any plans put in place work quickly and effectively putting the right money in the right hands at the right time should a Company Director, Shareholder or Key Person pass away.

    In conjunction with your accountancy and legal advisers, we can help check any of the Wills and Trusts you require are set up precisely and work as tax-efficiently as possible.

    Enhanced Benefits for your Employees

    We help your business improve its ability to attract and retain valuable talent within your organisation.
    We can set up your teams to have cover ranging from sick pay to critical illness cover to life cover.
    We can even provide our Financial Wellbeing Sessions, helping your employees understand how to manage credit and debt, mortgages, the house buying process and making a will.
    Done in conjunction with Group Life, this is an employee benefit of substantial value – especially in today’s current climate.

    Honest advice + the right solution + the best financial strategy for your business goals;
    Now and in the years to come.

    Sensible & sustainable business planning starts here – Get in touch