How Quickly Time Flies By

It’s incredible just how quickly time flies by.

Four years ago, we joined a collective of 400 of the UK’s top mortgage and protection brokers all in same room! That isn’t the news here though.

The real news from that conference was hearing from England footballer Dave Clarke, multi medal winning Olympic swimmer Claire Cashmore and ‘Storm in a Tit Cup’ blogger Heidi Loughlin.

All with inspirational and emotional talks on their lives, challenges and achievements. 400 people moved to tears and lifted back up again doesn’t begin to cover it! Meeting them in person and having the opportunity to chat further was incredible.

This memory popping up today is even more apt than most. It’s been a tough 12 months and everyone has had their own trials, pressures, tests and tribulations, in so many different ways. If you need spirits lifting, please look up these three amazing people and be inspired, motivated and moved.

We’re now seeing light at the end of the tunnel and there’s a big future out there!